Bits And Zeros

by Echelon High

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released March 29, 2011

Music and Lyrics: Andrew Kelly
Music: Stark Morrison
Mastered by Androzs



all rights reserved


Echelon High Lewisville, Texas

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Track Name: Get Ready
I'm building a weapon of mass decay
Setting hearts on fire with a burning ray
On your mark, get set, let's go go go
Cause it's a two-thousand year old nuke and it's ready to blow

Get ready, get ready
Get ready cause it's coming this way

And the siren screams as the bomb shelter closes her doors
Who would have thought it was built so poor?
And the women and the children cry "what have we done?"
But there's no one left to speak for
Then the door swings open and a voice is heard
"This is your last chance, get out, get out!"
Then the man reaches out his bloody hand
Will you take it in this moment of doubt?

Would you take a bullet?
Would you go down swinging?
Would you say yes, or deny?
Could you stand with no fear as you're looking down a barrel?
Are you ready to die?
Track Name: Voigt-Kampff
For a moment, I thought I was so close to the cure
And the answer that I needed the most
I wasted time on writing endings that I thought were so pure
Sugar coating all the words that I spoke
But where were you? Where was I when I thought I had it all figured out?
Running circles, it was there all along
I've lost sight of the goal, out of view of the signs
Give me your answer, cause we're running out of time

How much more time do we have left to spend?
Inception, life goes by so fast
We can't fabricate the past and pretend
It's now or never, gotta make this moment last

My circuit brain's gotta have a short
I can't remember anything from before
My deep freeze eyes must be lying to me
Cause I've seen things you people wouldn't believe

I'm sick of being cold and I'm sick of playing nice
Set me on fire, let me burn to the ground tonight
I was a fool to think I'd get more than you gave
So I'm taking this to my grave
Track Name: Anathema
Close your eyes, everything will be alright
Close your eyes, this won't hurt a bit
You're gonna wake up, you're gonna wake up
A billion dollar man, we're gonna build you
First directive: Destroy

Now it's our turn to play God
Tighten that screw, he's still not listening
You're built for one purpose: to serve and to destroy
No worries, you'll meet no resistance. No! No!
This will be so easy
They've readied the fire, now we kindle the flames

I think we're done here, do you concur?
This will be over soon
My creation, my child
Go forth and spread this tune

Everyone just calm down and die, die, die, die
That's good, do nothing
Your God is dead, your God's a lie
This is the age of Antichrist

Messiah, pariah
You're kidding right? I'm perfect!
Shut up, bow down, kiss my feet
Now go away

You've sinned huh? That's okay
Forgiven, have a nice day
Let's just forget the whole thing
The next seven years should be interesting

Close your eyes, everything will be alright
Close your eyes, this won't hurt a bit
This is no nightmare, this war is closing in
And it makes me so happy to see you give in to sin
Track Name: Pressure
It's never good enough
Relieve the pressure before you burst
And I'm not strong enough
To live my life out here on my own

Another second of the day ticks by
Tick tock tick, tick tock tick
And I'm still left here questioning why

This can't be real, no no, this is not the end
Grab a bucket for the water rising over our heads
This is not a dead end, no no
Put some pressure on it, put some pressure on it

We've got this inhale, exhale taking its toll
I'm sick of living in the world alone
Now this black and white world's stained red like a spreading disease
So baby put your hands around my neck, I think I'm starting to bleed

Put some pressure on it, put some pressure on it
Put some pressure on it, come on, come on

Put some pressure on it, put some pressure on it
I think I'm bleeding to death, so put some pressure on it
Track Name: VIOLENCE
Everybody wants to be hated sometimes
That's what you said to me
Everybody needs a little TLC
And V I O L E-N C E

Everyone's got their own little issues
Their own sins, their own murderous streaks
And you can hope that they're all gonna miss you
When you get killed by those murderous freaks

You can laugh when they spit in your face
You can turn the other cheek
But one of these days you're gonna snap
You're gonna kill 'em all!
Overrated is the humble and meek

Hey! Hey!
Everybody, everywhere
Come and see the ruins
And the burning debris
Gather round, sing along
Always was the better answer

Hey! Hey!
Everyone, around the world
Tip the scales if you ever wanna be free
Gather round, sing along
Always was the better answer
Track Name: Panzerfaust
Panzerfaust, blow it all away
And let it burn

Kiss and tell, I know you love it love it
Everybody plays the same old games
Don't lie, you'll never fool me fool me
Justification's just a word these days
Real power, annihilationism
Does not belong to flesh and bone
Undertaker, gravemaker
Grind to dust what we've mistakenly called our own

Take aim, pull the trigger, set the standard and watch it all burn

Kill them all, religion justified
God's exchanged with four-letter-words
No mercy, amnesty ensured
Holy massacre, ignite the war
Drop the bomb, institutional
Logic eclipsed by itchy nerves
Guilty by association
But no one wants to be remembered for what they deserved

Another soldier repeating history, overkill is what you've learned
Take aim, pull the trigger, light the fuse and watch it all burn
Track Name: Bomb (WWIII)
I'll never forget the day we knew that we were hated
I'll never forget the plans we made
Gather up the guns, buy up all the ammunition
Lest we forget, lest we fade

Starting world war three, never ending

Shots ring out, two, three, four million to go
But the news, so sugar coated, tell you what they want you to know
But we know the truth, we know the situation
They call it a martyr, we'll call it a bomb

And all the guns in the world couldn't keep you
And all the bombs you've got don't equal repents
The blood on your hands was the blood that could have saved you
The bomb went off without a hitch